WPS Web Frontend

SAS and its competitor WPS are high-quality Business Intelligence tools, for analysing large quantities of rapidly amassing data, like campaign hits and user activity. We are using SideOffice as a rapid, user-friendly reporting interface to WPS, and we expect the same excellent performance with SAS. If you would like to try it, please get in touch.

  • Cloud-based WPS deployments
  • High quality SAS and WPS coding provided by our partners in the UK
  • Send your report settings as named parameters to macros
  • Build your report options as easily as you build other SideOffice Entities
  • Attractive, stylable output
  • Go from ad hoc reporting in Excel to BI accelerated statistical analysis, and see the results in a web interface
  • We have features which are not available in competing products
  • Small business service with small business pricing - we listen to you.

It's good to be first in the world. If you'd like to benefit from our head-start, let's have a conversation.