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A Dashboard in web interface parlance is an overview of the state of the system. Depending on what a user does for your organisation, we create them a suitable dashboard. Counts, like these coloured, rounded rectangles are links through to a list of the counted records. That allows a user to spot things that they must handle, for example:

  • Client enquiries which need a response
  • Insurance policies which are due for renewal
  • Upcoming staff appraisals which do not yet have a report attached

A Dashboard is selected for display based on what applicable Dashboards are available to that user:

  • If a Dashboard has been created for one particular user she is shown that.
  • If an individual dashboard is not available, one is shown which matches the user's Privilege Level and Areas.
  • If that Dashboard has not been created, the user is shown one for their Privilege level.

In that way, you can build one Dashboard for managers at Level 10, and one for sales staff at Level 7 and every new member of staff at each level will see what they need to know.