"Saas" stands for Software As A Service, and we stand for Saas! We run SideOffice for you so that you don't have to worry about keeping a server online and secure. The way we serve your installation of SideOffice impacts on the monthly fee we charge you. We will assist you in selecting the best platform, and will migrate your copy of SideOffice if your requirements in the future demand more resources.

Three main hosting options are available:

  • Virtual Instance in the cloud

    We make use of the services of Digital Ocean or Amazon AWS to host your site, optionally with a security certificate to support SSL. This would suit firms who anticipate a high or steepening internal demand for business management and which would benefit from the flexibility of having a remotely hosted server to which Kohera would have full administrative (root) access.

  • Secure on a shared server

    Our long term, reliable hosting partners can host your data at an economical cost. This would suit firms with a few users, or a lighter requirement. Whilst the cheapest hosting option, it is also the least flexible, but it is always possible to migrate away to a more powerful hosting option in the future.

  • In your office

    Under our control, but on a computer safely in your server rack. This suits installations in firms with their own IT department, with a very strict IT security policy. It would also benefit firms who mainly use their database within the office, have a slowish internet connection and who store large files.

We can advise you and help you make an informed choice.