SideOffice simplifies business management of all kinds. It's a flexible, extensible approach to keeping track of your clients, stock, product line, purchase orders; you name it!

SideOffice is written by Kohera Limited, a trusted provider of web consultancy services, which celebrated its 10-year anniversary in June 2014.

  • Mature

    SideOffice, using the CourseAid Engine represents hundreds of hours of design, development and testing. Bugs are few and fixed quickly when found. The system has demonstrated how robust it is.

  • Reliable

    Improvements gained through talking to clients and observing the system in use mean that the incidences of bugs within the core of the platform is vanishingly low. Most companies have a number of active users all through the working day and in that respect, no news is good news. If there are problems, Kohera is on-hand to provide a rapid fix.

  • Customisable

    Most off-the shelf packages are closed, and their features stay broadly the same, regardless of what you actually require. It is up to the user to avoid the bits that are not needed and find the components that are. That is tiresome and wastes hours of user time in training and working around the system. SideOffice is adjusted to suit your business, to create the perfect fit.

  • Best of both worlds

    Starting with SideOffice is almost as flexible as having your own system built from scratch but massively cheaper. SideOffice and CourseAid Engine development time now stands at well over two thousand developer hours. You get the whole base system for less than the cost of 100 hours. We then charge you for the development to customise it to your needs for ongoing support.