Design Concepts

SideOffice takes a novel approach to web system-building. Most pages of the system are dynamically generated when they are required, and the go-to reference is the database schema. This differs hugely from traditional systems, which require parts of the system to be manually updated by the programmer in the event that the underlying database is modifed. Our approach gives many advantages:

  • Rapid building and alteration of fields by simply changing the underlying database then providing metadata for the new fields when prompted
  • Automatic update of site features, like search, to accomodate your changes
  • Changes to the interface are immediately system-wide: write once, run anywhere
  • As features are added, they are available to all entities

What this means to you is that your new web-based system is available far faster than it would be if developed from scratch, even within a pre-existing framework. We can provide a working demo of your application within hours. If you like what you see, you pay us to expand it.