SideOffice is a modern, secure, cloud-based CRM and Business Management System which we can customise to your company's specific requirements.

  • Dashboard view of all the data that is important to you - start the day knowing what is outstanding.

  • Allow any user to log in and only see what they should. Let your clients keep their records up to date. Track all changes to records.

  • Notifications for any event or process, to any of your users, internal or external. BCC or forward e-mail to SideOffice to store a copy against a client record.

  • Solve all those niggling office data problems - export to Excel, record stock, products, track inventory, integrate with other databases.

  • Store files against any record - retain your letters of engagement, contracts. List files created by other systems.

  • Set up printable views of records which leave off sensitive data. Allow different users to see and edit different parts of a record.

Case Studies

  • Southampton University Executive Education delivery and administration

    A bespoke CRM rolled out like a turn-key system

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  • AJW Limited Purchase Order Management for a large-scale landscaping contractor

    Bringing together, suppliers, contractors and management

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  • Web4Law CRM and regulatory record-keeping

    Organising and maintaining a list of all client activity

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  • ProfitAbility Business Simulations Managing training courses all over the world

    Customised Experiential Learning

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