Case Studies

Southampton University Executive Education delivery and administration

Southampton University is a diverse ecosystem of faculties, many of which seek to capitalize on their research efforts by selling into the business sector. SideOffice assists users to share contacts, but crucially, to control who may gain access to sensitive contact data. Because all activity with a client is recorded, it is easy to see what other projects are in progress and to ensure that any contact made with a firm is through the "Lead Contact" who manages the relationship.

Southampton's bespoke requirements for data storage and delivery made SideOffice the safe, reliable, flexible choice. Even now, several months after deployment, users are seeing new functionality. SideOffice development made it easy to have implemented their suggestions as to how the client <--> user interaction could be improved.

AJW Limited Purchase Order Management for a large-scale landscaping contractor

 AJW is a major regional landscaping and weed killing contractor, with responsibility for maintaining all Thames Water sites, and most of the Isle of Wight. From Mike Mitchell, the CEO:

James came to visit me with the potential of providing a bespoke system that took our quotations, changed them to jobs, had the functionality to issue purchase orders to suppliers and more importantly also had the facility to grow with the company in time. All this in one easy to use system.

This with no doubt has been a whirlwind for James working with us, as the predicted timescales have been considerably shortened with the company growing at a pace. Firstly, I would like to say that if you want to work with a company that has vision, understanding, the ability to interpret your requirements to a level that you would think they know your business as well as you do, coupled with great interpersonal skills then stop searching, YOU'RE HERE!

There is not a functionality that we require as a business that James has not added and made work to suit our needs. The system now alerts us at all levels, can let our clients see their works and request more! The system now lets me email purchase orders immediately, I can set access levels for all my team so they can only look at what at what their role requires….great peace of mind. It seems the potential of the system is infinite and will be one system that the company can use for a long time to come. I guess what I'm trying to say in summary is, disappointment is not an option to James, fantastic can-do attitude from Kohera, a system that is streamlining my business.

The design of SideOffice lends itself to easily adding new features and integrations and we expect to continue to reach Mike's wildest dreams!

Web4Law CRM and regulatory record-keeping

Web4Law assists legal firms in meeting the risk management requirements of their Professional Indemnity insurer. This helps solictors to pay lower annual premiums.

The Web4Law version of SideOffice is integrated with the company's website. Purchases are linked to client records, and where the client record does not already exist it is created. E-mails which have been sent to clients are automatically added to the database, linked to the client for easy reference.

Traditional solicitors' firms still respond to direct mailing, so Web4Law can quickly produce a list of recipients to use in label printing, for example. They make use of the system-wide CSV export feature to continue deeper financial analysis in a spreadsheet.

Couple this with the high-quality filtering and reporting features SideOffice provides and the result is a unified interface for handling a breadth of record types, with the option of quickly adding many more.

ProfitAbility Business Simulations Managing training courses all over the world

With a client list including Nestle, Siemens, Roche and the London Business School, ProfitAbility cannot afford to make a mistake in providing the crucial business training that some have likened to a "two-day MBA course". Formerly, the company did its best to manage its considerable international seminar workload in a single spreadsheet, using complex symbology in columns to indicate the preparation completed for each course. When the task grew and required several administrators to keep the sheet up to date, it was clear that the current solution was inadequate. Spreadsheets do not scale to multi-user scenarios.

In 2008, ProfitAbility turned to Kohera for a solution. The result was CourseAid.

Since then, CourseAid, which became SideOffice, has provided this essential management service reliably and beneficially. There have been no reports of system problems in the last three years.